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  • 6 sessions cycle – 32 years old woman


    32 years old woman Lifestyle: no diet, light exercise. The patient was treated with a 6 sessions cycle of Eximia X-Slimmer and Eximia Bodypharm, without changing lifestyle and feeding Aesthetic defect: fat accumulation over hips, buttocks and thighs, cellulite, hypotonic tissues. After 4 sessions: volume reduction of  fat accumulation over hips, buttocks and thigh. Slight improvement of cellulite accumulation. [...]

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  • 10 sessions cycle – 38 years old man


    38 years old man. Lifestyle: no diet, no sport. The patient was treated with a 10 sessions cycle of Eximia MK33, without changing lifestyle and feeding. Aesthetic defect: fat accumulation and water retention over abdomen and hips. After 10 sessions: considerable volume reduction of treated areas. Silhouette definition and visibly tonic and elastic skin.

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ADvanced Wellness Factory
In 1997 a “great dream” took shape, the one which would turn the role of the beautician from ordinary operator into Specialized Professional of Beauty and Wellness. Hence the intuition regarding an equipment which could reproduce the manual gesture of the massage, or closely akin to it….. That was the starting point of our research and constant study, both aimed at developing a technology able to simulate the massage of the operator, intending to make it more effective and constant in terms of intensity of action in time.
Everything began with the first prototype of the three-phase Endomassage, a pneumatic massage system using “passive and moving rollers” with a three-phase action: aspiration, pause and POSITIVE PRESSURE, the latter bound to became the real revolutionary concept in the field of mechanical massage, upsetting the former concept carried on by traditional systems in use until then.
Rapidly the “THREE-PHASE ENDOMASSAGE” with the effectiveness of its action on compromised tissues- thanks to the great innovation of POSITIVE PRESSURE- amazed operators and patients as well as the staff which had been studying its potential. From the first “THREE-PHASE ENDOMASSAGE” (1997) and the latest generation systems, upgraded according to the FOUR-PHASE ENDOLIFT system, which was named EXIMIA (2007), 10 years of evolutions, experimentations and continuous researches have gone by. During the years, thanks to the brilliant intuition which gave birth to the first project as well as to continuous researches in order to improve and develop new technologies, EXIMIA has become a solid reality within its sector, relying on an international recognition and on an ever increasing positive feedback, up to today the ADvanced Wellness Factory keeps on spreading its method all over the world, always meeting with outstanding success.

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